Dance is a subject that is fully supported throughout the College and participation is encouraged for both boys and girls. Dance is part of the curriculum for all Year 9 pupils.

    Our philosophy is that whether you consider yourself to be a natural dancer or not, the real importance lies in simply being open to the experience, gaining an appreciation of the subject and utilising the variety of transferable skills that dance can provide.

    Creative subjects are being increasingly seen as playing an integral role in providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.


    As part of an engaging, relevant and through-school education, Shell (Year 9) receive one lesson of dance per fortnight throughout the academic year. These lessons address a range of skills that are both pertinent to the subject itself as well as being transferable to other areas of the curriculum.

    Dance sessions will therefore provide:

    • An increased awareness of physical and expressive skills
    • An appreciation of the cultural and social context of dance
    • Employment of lateral thinking in response to creative tasks
    • Development of interpersonal skills and an acute awareness and appreciation of the human body

    We also offer Dance at GCSE and A-level.

    I am hoping to go on to study Medicine at university and taking A-level Dance has benefitted me greatly as it has helped me to develop an acute awareness of the body. 

    I love the anatomical theory aspect of the course and how I can relate it to my own body through dancing. Also, taking dance helps to differentiate me from other medical applicants as it shows I have interests beyond the Sciences.

    Amy Marsh, A-level Dance student

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