At Hurst we believe that mental health and wellbeing is the basis for a happy and successful life at school and beyond. Pupil, and staff, wellbeing is at the core of what we do at Hurst and informs our decision making at every level. For this reason we have a dedicated Director of Staff and Pupil Wellbeing, Mike Lamb, who works closely with pastoral leaders and all other staff across the College.

    Through our embedded and integrated wellbeing programme we seek to offer opportunities for all of our community to succeed, whilst providing them with the support they need along the way. This pre-emptive approach to developing resilience helps everyone at Hurst to fulfil their potential. From being the first school to offer the unique Mind Clinic service to all staff to ensuring pupils throughout the school spend time in our forest and on the College farm we believe that this community focused approach has contributed to Hurst’s recent and ongoing success.

    To ensure success in our drive to support all of our community members we are proud to work closely with a number of organisations.

    Beacon House https://beaconhouse.org.uk/

    AS Tracking (STEER) https://steer.global/our-technologies/as-tracking

    Operation Compass https://www.operationencompass.org/

    The Mind Clinic http://themindclinic.org/

    Optimus Education http://www.optimus-education.com/

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