Sixth Form Scholarships

    16+ Scholarships

    The following scholarships are available in the Sixth Form:

    • Academic
    • Art
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Sports

    Scholarship assessment days usually take place in November of the year prior to entry and details and timings of the day will be sent to candidates in advance.

    Details of the criteria and how to apply can be found in the Scholarship booklet.

    Sussex Sixth Form Award

    Hurst is delighted to launch the Sussex Sixth Form Award which is aimed at candidates who live locally, within the Sussex area, and who would not only gain a huge amount from being at Hurst but would also give a great deal in return.  The Sussex Award is means tested and will, as appropriate, attract full funding for a place at the College as well as support for any extras involved in being at the College, whether in terms of trips, academic materials or general kit.  Please contact Admissions for more information on how to apply.


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