Head of Boys' Sport (Prep): Ben Dewey - 
    Head of Girls' Sport (Prep): Carol Adams -

    For children of Prep School age, physical activity is an essential element in supporting growth and development.

    We believe that sport is of immense benefit, not just for its own sake in nurturing both teamwork and talent, but that it also forms a vital part of a rounded education.

    Our pupils play seasonal sports as part of their Games timetable, learning important sporting and life skills along the way. All children are given the opportunity to represent the school in competitive fixtures and we often put out more than 30 teams at the same time.

    Major sports for boys

    • Football (first half of Michaelmas term, Years 3 to 6)
    • Rugby (Michaelmas term, Years 7 and 8. Second half of Michaelmas term and start of Lent term, Years 3 to 6)
    • Hockey (Lent term)
    • Cricket (Summer term)

    Major sports for girls

    • Hockey (Michaelmas term)
    • Netball (Lent term) 
    • Tennis, Athletics and Rounders (Summer term)

    Outdoor Pursuits

    Alongside the traditional team sports we also run outdoor pursuits during games time. This includes climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing and other activities that take place, using our own facilities or those at a local centre.

    Minor sports

    Pupils also have the opportunity to play the following sports, including taking part in competitive fixtures:

    • Tennis
    • Athletics
    • Cross Country
    • Girls Cricket
    • Swimming
    • Triathlon
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