School Life

    Hurst Education

    Academic life is the keystone of a Hurst education. We are ambitious for all our pupils and are committed to supporting every child to be the very best that he or she can be. Pupils are known and valued for everything that they are as well as for the contribution they make to the school community.

    Inspirational teaching lies at the centre of our pupils’ academic experience. A broad and balanced curriculum is delivered by excellent, enthusiastic teachers whose absolute priority is to ensure that our children are consistently engaged and stimulated. Lessons are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each class or group, to ensure that every child is appropriately challenged and to encourage a life-long love of learning.



    House System

    We operate a House System to encourage healthy competition and teamwork. On arrival, children are allocated to one of the four houses, all named after past eminent academic staff of the College.

    The role of the houses has increased in recent years and house competition is now thriving. Our house masters and mistresses take an active role in encouraging their children to strive for house points. Each house takes it in turn to organise a charity day in support of causes nominated by the children.


    Pastoral Care

    We believe that good pastoral care is essential for a child to flourish and we value each child as an individual. The child's tutor is the main person responsible for pastoral care, supported and guided by their Head of Year and the hugely experienced college Deputy Head, Pastoral and college Designated Safeguarding Lead. The school also employs an external professional as Pastoral Intervention Practicioner (PIP) who is able to offer highly qualified support to children, teachers and families. 



    By regular assessment through Hurst’s Grades and Reporting system our teaching staff monitor progress and attainment and thereby provide the guidance required to help each child reach his or her academic potential. Achievements are celebrated regularly, promoting confidence and high self-esteem throughout the school.

    We also work in partnership with parents to ensure that all pupils thrive academically and develop strong, secure foundations for future academic success in the Senior School.


    Daily Routine

    8.00am Prep School opens
    8.05am Pupils allowed in classrooms
    8.20am Registration
    8.30am Lessons begin
    4.20pm School finishes
    4.30pm After school activites and prep begins
    6.00pm After school activities and prep finishes 
    6.15pm Buses depart 
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