PSHE and Citizenship

    PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education at Hurst helps pupils to improve their knowledge in these areas, as well as developing their personal skills and attributes that will equip them as they grow up and throughout adulthood.

    Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils stay safe and healthy by helping prepare them for new responsibilities, whilst having the necessary skills to make informed choices when managing risk. Our programme helps to develop resilience and the ability to empathise, whilst also encouraging independent thinking.

    Our Citizenship lessons aim to prepare our pupils to develop the skills and knowledge needed to play an active part in society, whilst at Hurst and beyond. We encourage our pupils to engage in politics and current affairs as well as exploring a range of topics such as human rights and the economy.

    Our pupils receive a range of lessons covering both PSHE and Citizenship topics. Shell (Year 9) pupils receive one lesson of PSHE per fortnight plus additional sessions during tutor time, where guest speakers are invited to talk about relevant topics. In Remove (Year 10), pupils receive one lesson of Citizenship per fortnight, plus additional PSHE lessons during tutor time.

    Our Fifth (Year 11) and Sixth Form pupils attend lectures to further extend their knowledge and skills. During sessions with tutors, we encourage our students to discuss how to make good choices and to manage risk sensibly whilst at Hurst; thus embedding life skills for the future.

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