PE and Sports Science

    Physical Education is integrated within the curriculum throughout the school. Core PE in Years 3 – 9 focuses on developing the fundamental movement patterns which are the building blocks to enabling our students to participate and excel across their chosen physical activities in the future.

    Our aim is to ensure that students learn in a safe environment where they are encouraged to take risks, whether that be by working collaboratively in Gymnastics or individually in the swimming pool. The central theme of these years is to promote a lifelong involvement in physical activity.


    Building on their experiences in Years 3 to 9, students have the opportunity to progress onto GCSE Physical Education where they will be introduced to physiological and psychological factors that affect participation and performance in sport. Students are assessed in two exam papers and on their own practical ability in one team sport, one individual sport and one of either.

    As our students move into the Sixth Form they can continue to follow their passion for sport by opting for A-level Physical Education or a BTEC in Sport Studies.

    A-level Physical Education is a diverse course which looks in depth at the physiological, psychological, technological and sociological aspects that influence sport. This ranges from the physiology factors that enable Usain Bolt to run 100m in 9.58s, to the influence of the Olympic movement on participation at grass roots level. Students will be assessed in three exam papers and on their own practical ability for their chosen sport.

    Sports Studies allows our students to look at the slightly broader aspects of sport in society, this ranges from sports nutrition to sports massage and developing training programmes for both the elite and novice participant. Sport Studies is a coursework-based option where students develop excellent research and presentation skills to show their understanding and gain credit towards their final grade.

    Coaches & staff

    The department benefits from highly enthusiastic and experienced members of staff with differing backgrounds and experience of high level of sport and theoretical knowledge from Sports Performance, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition and Physical Education courses at degree level. This experience proves most beneficial when guiding our students onto higher education.

    PE and Sports Science after Hurst

    We are extremely proud of all of our students who have graduated through all levels of physical education offered, many of whom go onto higher education courses in both sports and other fields at excellent universities.

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