Leah Mackinder 

    Head of Mathematics

    Leah joined Hurst in 2010, after teaching for five years in the maintained sector. She studied Mathematics, followed by her PGCE, at Nottingham University. She enjoys pure mathematics particularly, but also studied Mechanics at university. She promotes problem solving at Hurst, and encourages participation in Maths Challenges. 



    We have 11 teachers in the Maths department, who are all passionate about the subject and supportive towards all the pupils.

    Mathematics is a popular subject at Hurst, with around half of our students taking Mathematics further than GCSE level.

    At A-level, we offer Mathematics and Further Maths, and support our most able students to study Additional Further Maths modules. In 2014 one of our students achieved three A*s in Maths at A2 level. Mathematics is a challenging but fascinating and extremely rewarding course. It will help students develop many skills including organising and presenting a structured and logical argument, thinking in an abstract way, and building confidence in mastering challenging ideas. 


    Students are encouraged to take part in the Senior Maths Challenges.

    Beyond Hurst

    Many of our students go on to study Maths or related subjects at university, including Economics and Engineering.

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