Highly Selective Universities Programme

    Throughout the Lent and Summer term of the Lower Sixth Year, students have the opportunity to attend regular small group sessions with a member of the Hurst teaching staff, to prepare them for a competitive application to a Highly Selective University. 

    At Hurst, Highly Selective Universities (HSUs) are defined as being any university in which there is significant excess demand for places, and where going beyond achieving good A-level/BTEC grades will be required to obtain an offer to study. 

    All students are welcome to sign up to the programme, but must complete a short piece of research before joining. Students will be matched with the appropriate subject specialist at Hurst, and will take part in sessions which include:

    • Recommending, monitoring and discussing extra reading outside of the classroom in the subject area a student has chosen to apply for at university
    • Encountering more challenging content from beyond the classroom curriculum
    • Preparing entries for essay and other academic competitions
    • Preparing talks, lectures and seminars for presentations to peers  
    • Discussing the precise course and institution a student intends to apply for

    If students are applying to universities with entrance exams and interviews, the HSU sessions in the Upper Sixth year will be spent working on practice entrance tests and conducting mock interviews, in addition to completing UCAS applications. 

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