Our aim is to teach Geography in a relevant, engaging and challenging way that stimulates an interest in, understanding of, and respect for the world around us.

    The Geography department's central philosophy and aims are:

    • To take a positive, proactive approach to the teaching of Geography which engenders an enthusiastic response from the students and a desire to learn about the subject – this requires the use of a wide range of teaching and learning styles including the use of technology, questioning of the status quo and supported independent learning. 
    • To create an environment where both staff and students regard the work and subject matter as interesting, fun and non-threatening, and which is equally enjoyable and approachable for all abilities.
    • To instil a deep appreciation and understanding of the differences and difficulties experienced in the wide range of cultures and societies that exist, with a view to discussing ways in which the quality of life and value of individuals can be enhanced.
    • To develop a rich appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of the impact of our own ‘ecological footprint’ on the Earth’s resources and systems. In essence, to encourage good stewardship of God’s creation.
    • To achieve strong positive value added results at both GCSE and A-level, accompanied by high achievements in terms of public exam grades and university entrance.
    • To maintain the department as a centre of excellence in the generation of fieldwork projects at both GCSE and A-level.


    Geography is a popular option at GCSE and A-level. Our schemes of work are designed to enable students to learn a range of geographical skills and develop informed views about environmental and development issues on a local to global scale.


    The Geography department is well resourced with a variety of textbooks, DVDs, journals, magazines, and fieldwork equipment.


    We believe that fieldwork is a vital part of geographical education and so we offer a varied and exciting programme of local, regional and overseas trips to destinations such as Dorset, the South Downs, Switzerland and Iceland.

    Geography beyond Hurst

    Many of our GCSE and A-level students have gone on to study Geography or related subjects at university.

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