Exam results

    In 2017, Hurst celebrated its best ever A-Level and GCSE results and received a record number of first choice university destinations with the majority being Russell Group. 

    2017 GCSE results

    2017 brought the highest ever percentage of A*/A grades or equivalent, for the third consecutive year

    After last week’s excellent A2 results and university success, it was good to see our GCSE cohort achieve Hurst’s highest ever percentage of A*/A grades or 7-9 in their exams. They have been such a lovely group who have wholly engaged with Hurst and been a real credit to the school, their families and themselves. The overall score is impressive but it is what the individuals themselves have done which really counts. They are now well set for Sixth Form life and should be looking to the future with confidence.

    Tim Manly, Headmaster

    2017 A-level results

    On results day we were thrilled to find that our A*/B % had increased once more

    The real story of the year, as noted across the media, has been with university applications. So far, nearly 90% of this year’s Hurst applicants have secured a place at their first choice university. Not second choice but first choice. This includes Oxbridge, highly competitive Russell Group universities as well as courses for medicine, law and veterinary. This is a great result for these pupils and, speaking as a  parent as well as the Headteacher, I am really pleased for them. They have been a great year group; they have worked hard, contributed widely to our community and each other and it is good to know that they are moving onto what will be, I hope, the right next stage of their lives for them. I will miss them but will watch their progress with real interest

    Tim Manly, Headmaster


    2016 A-level results

    2016 marked the fifth consecutive year of improved A-level results, and a rise in our points per entry score.

    A* and A grades made up 52.6% of all our grade results.

    The Upper Sixth were a great group of pupils and a real pleasure to have at the College. They contributed hugely in every way to the life of Hurst and I have no doubt that they will go on from here to be successful and independent individuals making their way in the world. It was no surprise therefore that they achieved the best results in the College’s history. They are set for the future and are on their way to an impressive group of universities. The majority are off to Russell group including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial, with several studying medicine and veterinary science.

    Whatever they do in the future, I hope that all our students take a great set of memories from Hurst as well as excellent friendships and experiences.

    Tim Manly, Headmaster

    2016 International Baccalaureate (IB) results

    Hurst’s third cohort of International Baccalaureate students scored an amazing average of 38 points – another school record - with many exceeding 40 points.

    2016 GCSE results

    2016 brought our highest ever A*/A percentage alongside a record breaking A*/B score of 91.4%.

    “I am really delighted that last years’ Fifth Form cohort have achieved such a great set of GCSE results. They are the best in the school’s history with our highest ever percentage of A/A* grades. They worked hard, as did the staff, and deserve these results. They have been a lovely group of children and have contributed so much to the place and lives of those around them. I have no doubt that they will now all go on to a successful sixth form career and future whatever their results.” 

    Tim Manly, Headmaster


    2015 A-level results

    Hurst also celebrated another record year for A-level results - it was the fourth year in succession - with 38 pupils achieving three or more A grades. 

    Our Lower Sixth students also achieved Hurst's best ever AS results.

    These outstanding results are a just reward for the hard work of a great year group. It is particularly pleasing for our pupils to have achieved such tremendous results whilst still engaging fully with Hurst life.

    Also, in Hurst’s twentieth year since girls first joined the college, the strong performance of girls in this year group is to be applauded. With almost exactly half and half boys and girls in the Sixth Form next year, there can be no doubt that Hurst is now one of the few fully co-educational independent schools in the region.

    Tim Manly, Headmaster

    2015 GCSE results

    We celebrated our best ever GCSE results in 2015 with our highest ever A*/A percentage alongside a record breaking A*/B percentage. Two-thirds of students achieved at least six A*/A grades.

    In the year we celebrate 20 years of girls at the College, I am particularly proud to say that our girls produced over 70% A*/A grades in their GCSEs.

    Tim Manly, Headmaster

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