The English department prides itself on engaging students with dynamic and intellectually challenging voyages into literature that nurture a lifelong love of English in all its forms.


    Our journeys through the texts encourage pupils to engage fully with the language, form, structure and deeper meanings of a wide range of literature. Lively debate and questioning is seen as a vital part of the analytical process. To engage in meaningful exploration, we ensure that our students have a firm grounding in literacy in order to gain the tools that will allow them to make progress and grow, becoming confident in their handling of all texts.



     We offer English Language and Literature at GCSE and English Literature at A-level.


    From Remove (Year 10), pupils follow the Edexcel IGCSE, which provides them with an opportunity to hone their critical reading skills and technical accuracy. Pupils complete coursework and are encouraged to invest time in planning and editing in order to produce the best possible results. We believe these skills to be essential for students, not just to succeed in their academic lives but also to prepare themselves effectively for the world of work.


    In the Sixth Form, the students hone their analytical skills and embark on a journey covering a variety of literary periods and movements. The OCR A level course allows for individuality and for the development of an incredibly informed, personal response to the texts studied, whilst encouraging the wider reading and research that will be so useful as they continue their education beyond college. The range of texts is broad and varied and lessons are exciting and challenging.

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