We offer a wide range of co-curricular opportunities in the creative subjects, in which students can explore their creativity. These include Art, Dance, Drama and Music.


    Our Art School provides a number of co-curricular options for our students including an Art Club, Photography, Print-making, Textiles and Life drawing. 


    Dance is popular with both boys and girls. Our Dance department teach a range of dance styles, from traditional to current genres, and offer clubs to cater for all interests.

    The annual Dance Showcase in the Bury Theatre gives our pupils (from Prep School to Sixth Form) the chance to perfom their dance routines to a large audience.


    We have the oldest school Shakespeare Society in the country and at least one major Shakespeare production is performed each year. Our Drama department stage more than 20 productions each year, from large-scale musicals to small-scale scripted and devised plays.

    Our Drama department also takes part in the Hurstpierpoint Arts Festival by producing a play staged in the village Player's Theatre and in our own Drama Studio, and also host a 'Play in a Day' where pupils and children from the local community take part in a workshop and perform to the public. Our pupils also take the Hurst Festival play on tour to local Prep Schools.


    More than 200 pupils in the Senior School and Sixth Form take individual singing or instrumental lessons. Our Music department offers groups that include a Choir of 140 pupils, Chamber Choir of 25 pupils, School Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Quartets, String group and various Ensembles focussing on different instrumental disciplines. 


    The Chapel Choir sings an anthem and a Mass Setting at every service in the Chapel. In the Music School itself, performances include termly concerts for both soloists and ensembles, a Scholars' Concert, the Annual Solo Music Competition, Hurst Unplugged (acoustic pop and rock concert with a focus on songwriters), Hurst 'n' Brie outdoor concert, Jazz and Rock Concert and a House Music competition. Hurst Music also stage community performances as part of the Hurstpierpoint Arts Festival and the Choral Evensong at Southwark Cathedral.


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