Choosing A-levels can be a daunting task, and Hurst aims to provide all prospective Sixth Formers, both from within and outside the college, with as much support and information as possible about the opportunities that lie before them. 

    The college currently offers 27 A-level subjects.  To help with decision-making, prospective Sixth Formers and parents are invited to a Sixth Form Choices Morning, when the heads of every academic department deliver talks on their subjects and programmes of study. 

    Our advice to students is consistent – focus first on what you love. There are other considerations – students are offered guidance on required subjects for their higher education ambitions, and entrance requirements in the form of GCSE grades need to be met – but the first and foremost consideration is passion. Young people should spend their Sixth Form years studying the subjects that fascinate them.

    A-levels have changed considerably in the last few years, and the Hurst Sixth Form has changed to reflect that. The college does not enter Lower Sixth students for the new AS-levels, which do not contribute to final A-level grades, instead setting our own internal predicted grade exams at the end of the first year. This allows more time for students to develop the deeper conceptual understanding which is the key to A-level success. 

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